MORE Media Group is THE Digital Media Agency of Tomorrow, TODAY! Social Media and Online Marketing have exploded onto the scene over the last several years as THE WAY that business markets and advertises today.

The only problem is, most corporate executives know that they need to leverage Social Media in order to compete, but they have very little clue as of where to start. There are so many so-called "Social Media Experts" and "Consultants", yet very few actually know how to properly craft results driven "Conversational Marketing" campaigns.

MORE Media Group, and more specifically, Mr. Bill Ganz has literally written the book on "Ethical, White Hat Social Media Marketing" from a corporate standpoint over the last decade.

MORE Media Group advises companies and deploys products and services such as: Blog Marketing, Customizable Corporate Social Networking Platforms, Pod-Cast Marketing, Wiki Marketing, Video-Blog Marketing, Corporate Approved User Generated Content, Viral Video Marketing, Natural and Paid for Targeted Traffic, Competitive Intelligence and Business Intelligence Marketing, Real-Time Media Monitoring and more.

We can develop a totally custom Social Media and Online Marketing strategy that will get better results than any other form of traditional media today.

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