“Look up the definition of social/behavioral networking and you will find Bill Ganz' picture! I can honestly say, I don't know anyone more in tune with the psychology of human behavior than Bill. More importantly, Bill understands how to translate and transfer that knowledge to the Enterprise! He has proven to me that he can easily identify how social and behavioral networking can and will have a direct and positive impact on any business, regardless of industry vertical. If you want to know what Web 3.0 will look like, or even better, ask him about Web 4.0 as he is likely defining what that will mean now! A true visionary...and glad to call him my friend.” 

Robert "Bob" DeCecco, CPA, Corporate Controller / Interim CFO, Anthony Robbins Companies


“In the midst of the digital media marketing and social networking era we all live and breathe, Bill Ganz stands out as a true savant. I have worked with Bill on numerous major market live events, conceptual programs and interactive platforms over the last 8 years of my broadcasting career. I can truly say, no other strategic partner of mine delivered the way Bill did. For as long as I have know him he has always been miles ahead of the curve. We achieved unheard success together that was not only "off the charts", but it continued to secure annual committments from some of the largest Fortune 500 companies year after year after due to the tremendous ROI it generated. I look forward to many more years of strategic partnerinships to come with Bill Ganz and hope you do the same.” 

Greg Schoenbaum, SVP Business Development & Event Marketing, Clear Channel Radio


“I have known and worked with Bill Ganz for over 20 years. He often reminds me of Michael Keaton's charactor in the film Night Shift, Billy Blaze. In the movie, Billy Blaze say's "I'm an idea man." "Feed mayonaise to tuna fish". Billy Ganz and Billy Blaze are very much the same in that both are "idea men". When I started forming a new social network for motorcycle enthusiasts called www.motozania.com Bill was one of the first people I went to for support and guidance. He is a true visionary in new media. So if you are looking for an out of the box thinker, a guy who will "feed mayonaise to tuna fish" give Bill a call. Tim Kuglin, CEO TKTV www.tk-tv.com www.motozania.com” 

Tim Kuglin, CEO/Executive Producer, TKTV


“I have partnered with Bill Ganz on several large projects with some very high profile clients over the past 10 years. The results have always exceeded even my expectations. Any time I need that over the top creative expertise, Bill is the person I call. I always know I can count on is vision and imagination. 
I am honored to call Bill Ganz my friend.” 

Truman Cruickshank, Sales Manager, Freeman


“Bill is the quintessential marketer and King of social media! He is one of the most dynamic personalities that I have met in my business career. You can trust you product, business and brand with Bill Ganz. He will identify your needs and will literally put you on the map GLOBALLY! A great guy, a consummate professional and a trusted and loyal friend! I highly recommend you contact him and get to know what he can do for you!” 

Clifford J Perry, President & CEO, ACJ Marketing Group, Inc.


“Bill Ganz in one of the most energetic, articulate, strategic and innovative executives I have ever had the chance to work with. Bill has tremendous imagination and a psycholigical approach to every facet of his busines endeavors and has delivererd time after time in growing company & clients bottom lines. He also brings to the table one of the most impressive stables of cross industry contacts which makes him even more valuable. If you're looking for a true "hired gun" and instantaneous "rain maker", Bill Ganz should be your #1 choice!” July 5, 2008

Greg Schoenbaum, Director Sales Marketing & Promotions, CBS Radio 94.7 The WAVE



“Bill Ganz is the consummate digital marketing guru with an uncanny ability to truly understand how the right mix of digital media can affect human behavior for his clients' economic advantage. His experience is the field of digital marketing and new media is so expansive that anyone with a need in this area would find him an asset to their team. His creativity, business acumen and deep insight into web psychology makes him the only one-stop shop in my book for digital marketing and new media. I recommend Bill to anyone looking to maximize their ROI on any new media marketing initiative.” September 26, 2008

Kevin Leonard, President, Consortis, Inc.



“Bill Ganz and his team at MORE Media Group did phenomenal work for my projector product group and for others at Epson. Bill and his colleagues really took the time to learn what we wanted; and, delivered outstanding results!” September 26, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Jim Hall, MBA


“Epson has been a client of Bill's company for a number of years, and I have worked with him on various internet initiatives. He has consistently delivered innovative and reliable technology solutions; this is partly due to his company's high degree of technical competence, but it is also partly due to their creative thinking, flexibility, and focus on customer satisfaction.” August 16, 2006

Al Logiodice , Sr. Manager, Web, CRM & Customer Service Systems, Epson America, Inc.



“In my career, there were few people who have consistently delivered a wildly successful, well planned, full service project other than Bill. Bill posseses the X factor that places him at the front of every pack. His energy, professionalism, and creativity drive teams to think "outside the box" and outperform. Bill can, and will get it done right everytime, I'm that confident in his performance.” August 6, 2006

Ali Atash , Sr. Marketing Manager, LCD Visual Display, Samsung Electronics
was Bill's client


“Bill has done many video productions for us at major industry trade shows. In planning these high visibility events, Bill always bring his positive energy and creativity to surpass what we've done previously. During production and on location, he is always proactive, covering a myriad of details and insuring the project finishes on time. He's a valuable marketing partner for any company!” August 1, 2006

Robert Ozankan , Product Manager - Professional Graphics Printers, Epson