MORE Media Group specializes in creating high-end, high quality media productions. Our professional production team specializes in producing powerful and engaging video, film and software-based media productions.

Our multitude of services and expertise allow us to craft video, film and software productions that deliver your message, sell your product, and brand your company in a manner that delivers massive results. When you want the best, you want MORE! MORE Media Group, Inc. is your Full Service Media Production Agency.


Custom Video and Film

Whether you are out to create a viral social video, an informercial or a full-fledged documentary or "edutainment" movie based on your company or products, we've got you covered with decades of commercial video and film production experience. We've delivered power-house productions for some of the top brands today.

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Custom Software Development

Need to create a software application for your product? Whether you are looking for a simple e-commerce website, or an elaborate multi-platform software application, our technical team is your go-to resource for getting the job done right.

We can craft and create just about anything that you can dream up. Don't know where to start? We can even work with you to help you envision all of the possibities utilizing the latest technologies in order to gain massive exposure for your company and products. Get a Free Quote today!

5 Minute Media

5mm is a dynamic, rich media experience that is delivered to a user's inbox or mobile device in daily 5 minute episodic bites of knowledge. Content is engaging, immersive and interactive, creating a new dimension in learning that is entertaining and appealing.

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Promotional Talk Shows

Complete TURNKEY Talkshow!

This product will help explode your brand on the internet. We will produce a 1-Hour Internet Informercial or Promotional Talkshow for you for as low as $1,500.

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