Who We Are

MORE Media Group, Inc. is a full service Digital Media Production and Management Agency that has been in business for over 10 years. Our clients span from mom-and-pop start-up businesses and Fortune 500 companies, to well-known personalities in the music and entertainment industries.

What We Do

MORE Media Group produces and manages all facets of media, including video and film, online digital media, social and conversational marketing media, PR and image branding, special and corporate event design and production, and all aspects of customer acquisition, retention and loyalty programs utilizing new media.

Our Goal

It is our goal to provide solutions that outperform our clients expectations in all that we do. Our numorous awards have proven time and time again that we work hard to achieve this goal and our many happy clients are a testimonial to this fact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with select companies and clients that we feel are "socially responsible", and not only help them compete in their respective industries, but also become a dominate force in order to make a difference through their positive contributions.

We feel that by helping companies that have the ability to make a positive impact in many of the top major industries, we can help influence positive change in our world.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of top industry experts that have a proven track record of exemplary performance in their specific fields.

Our Founding Partner, Mr. Bill Ganz, has over 25 years of experience in media production and design, managing major brands such as Epson, Disney and Nissan, as well as well-known personalities such as Donald Trump, Jay Leno and Tony Robbins. His ability to craft highly effective solutions for his clients has positioned him as a leading industry expert in new media.

Over the last decade, Mr. Ganz has literally written the book on "Ethical, White Hat Social Media Marketing" and is considered to be one of the top industry consultants in social media and online marketing today.

Our Future

In order to better serve our clients, MORE Media is now expanding our corporate offices in Redondo Beach, California as well as opening our new technical offices in Austin, Texas. 

We are also leveraging a newly formed organization called "Certified Social Media Professionals" (CertifiedSocialMediaProfessional.org) where we are organizing a community comprised of the top social media and online marketing experts to come together and help set the "Industry Standard" in Social Media and Online Marketing practices. Further, we are currently hosting intensive certification programs where we train Social Media Professionals on the proper techniques and practices of "Ethical, White Hat Social Media Marketing".

Even though the term "Social Media Marketing" is not exactly new, this is a new industry that is just now coming of age. Many so-called industry gurus, and social media "consultants" charge companies thousands of dollars to craft social media solutions. Unfortunately, more often than not, the strategies used are considered "Black Hat", unethical techniques that end up doing more harm than good. One example of this happened recently when JC Penney was banned from the Internet for the strategies employed by their "social media agency".

"White Hat" Social Media is based upon crafting "organic content", or rather what Bill calls "Search Engine Food", based on "Conversational Marketing" campaigns and strategies that "engage" the consumer in activities to help spread the company's message across the social landscape. 

Our objective is to establish a level of certainty for business owners and executives to hire employees and media partners through reputable and qualified agencies, and individuals who have been properly trained and educated on the "Ethical, White Hat Social Media Marketing" practices. We believe the standard that we help establish will be the metric that HR placement firms and companies use to grow their businesses. Effectively, our objective us to create the "Hallmark Standard" locally, nationally, and globally for Social Media Marketing.